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We welcome our guests to the Beachmark! Please take a moment to read through this information to ensure your stay is safe, comfortable and most enjoyable. Have a great vacation!

Parking can be very limited during the summer months. Only one parking pass is issued per unit. Please use the assigned parking space if provided and display parking permit in the front windshield. Violations result in a towing charge of $215.00! :-(

Please do not hang towels or any items on any balcony railings.

There is a coin-operated laundry room on the lobby floor for your use.

If there is any problem in the unit during your visit, e.g. air conditioning not working, you should contact your rental company directly or your point of contact to alert them of the problem.

As a renter, pets are not permitted at the Beachmark.

Luggage carts are limited, please promptly return after use. Luggage carts are not permitted inside any units.

Thank You!

Checklist when departing the Beachmark...

When leaving the unit for more than a few days, please be sure to do the following:

  • During the summer please turn off air conditioning.
  • Please close the East Side Hurricane / Storm Shutters during times of severe weather or when condo is vacant for more than 24 hours.
  • Ensure all furniture, draperies, pillows and bedspreads are 6 inches away from all heating elements.
    (Failure to do so paves the way for possibility of fire.)
  • During fall, winter and early spring leave the heat set at 50 degrees, please do not turn off heat.
  • Leave all doors below sinks, all interior doors, and all closet doors OPEN for warmer air circulation to pipes located within

Recycling: Recycling is encouraged and anyone can do so by contacting the Worcester County Department of Public Works Recycling Division at 410-632-3177 or online at

Please visit us again!

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